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Visigoth Window Necklace

In the Visigoth churches in Northern Spain, there are windows cut of thin slices of quartz crystals or agates.  When you're inside these churches all you can see are the shaows of the trees blowing in the wind surrounding the exteriors.  


With this pendant, I wanted to recreate that feeling.  When you hold the pendant up to the light, you can see through them and revealed is the sawing of a design.  The designs are based on images you would find in medieval churches. I pulled together design elements from all over Europe to create this pendant and the influences range from Early Byzantine churches to late Middle Ages.  


The pendant is made of sterling silver and Botswana Agate. The chain is sold with the pendant and measures 24".



I've designed these pieces after extensively studying the artwork from the early Middle Ages.  I studied everything from Byzantium, to Coptic Ethiopian and Egyptian, to Late Roman and each piece is created with these cultural influences in mind.  These jewelry treasures are made of sterling silver and most of them have intricate saw work combined with macroscopic granulation and the softness of Freshwater Pearls.  This trio of silver, granules, and pearls work amazingly together to capture this murky, mysterious, ancient feel.  The pieces are based off of architecture, scientific inventions, and artistic revelations from that time period.