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Tierra Madre Gold Cuff

Materials: black spinel, sterling silver, pure gold


1.25" (32mm)


Please note that in an effort to bring you the highest quality jewelry, Aguja y Clavo Jewelry is now making cuffs with thicker sheets of pure gold (24k). All of the cuffs with gold from 2018 were made with a gold foil. Foil measures at 0.013 mm thick and this new pure gold sheet measures at 0.127 mm thick. While the difference may seem minimal, the weight in karat between the two is significant. Thicker sheet means that it weighs more which increases the karat value per piece. Aguja y Clavo will offer the foil to customers who prefer it which will reduce costs slightly. Please contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com to get this design (or it's likeness) done in foil.


In regards to your wrist size, please refer to the sizes below (for women's wrist sizes). 

Small: 5.5-6 inches (14-15.2 cm)

Medium: 6-6.5 inches (15.2-16.5 cm)

Large: 6.5-7 inches (16.5-17.8 cm)

Extra Large: 7-7.5 (17.8-19 cm)