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Silver Cloister Earrings

Each earring has been sawed by hand from oxidized sterlig silver.  The designs are were drawn in a sketch book, transfered to a computer drawing, printed on paper and adhered to a sheet of sterling silver, and then sawed by hand.   From there, I created sterling silver pins to thread each pearl through, and wire wrapped each pearl individually.  The ear hooks are sterling silver.


These earrings are inspired by medieval European cloister monasteries.  A cloister is a colannade/covered walkway that  surrounds a garden space within the monastery or convent.  I mimicked the thin, spindly columns by using chain and the silver pattern imitates the ceiling structure.  The use of pearls is reminiscent of the jewelry made in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  


The earrings are statement pieces and can worn to dress up an outfit, or as everyday wear.  Each earring has been handmade and designed specifically for the wearer, so they are lightweight and very comfortable.  



I've designed these pieces after extensively studying the artwork from the early Middle Ages.  I studied everything from Byzantium, to Coptic Ethiopian and Egyptian, to Late Roman and each piece is created with these cultural influences in mind.  These jewelry treasures are made of sterling silver and most of them have intricate saw work combined with macroscopic granulation and the softness of Freshwater Pearls.  This trio of silver, granules, and pearls work amazingly together to capture this murky, mysterious, ancient feel.  The pieces are based off of architecture, scientific inventions, and artistic revelations from that time period.