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Serpentine Beaded Necklace

I purchased this stone from a couple from Chimayó, New Mexico who go 'rock-hounding' all over the southwest.  They explained to me that most stones are cut and polished by using a template which is why you'll see certain stones have are perfectly round, oval, or square.  They said that they don't use templates so a lot of them turn out to have more unusual shapes like this serpentine stone above.  This stone has fascinated geologists who have walked past my booth because it's unlike other serpentines.  What they've pointed out to me though is the beautiful and subtle swirling of the minerals within the layers of this stone.  They look like Jupiter's gas storms frozen in a rock.


This necklace is made of satin threads that have been braided by hand and are finishing with silver-plated findings.  The pendant is a rhyolite gemstone with bead-embroidered glass beads.

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