Materials: sterling silver, prehistoric fish (genus: knightia eocaena)


Chain measures 20" but can be shortened to your preference. The pendant measures 8cm wide by 6cm tall.



I was inspired to make this piece after a trip to Greece where the museums were filled with amphora containers (ancient clay vessels used to ship goods across the Mediterranean, or sometimes used during the ancient Olympic games as trophies). There have been countless finds underwater of ancient shipwrecks where the goods that were being traded were left undisturbed below the ocean for thousands of years. It's the closest we'll ever get to 'tasting' the Ancient world, through these finds, and I wanted to commemorate that feeling through this piece. One of the trademark delicacies of the Ancient world was this thing called 'garum.' Garum was a fermented fish sauce that they used on everything they could. They compare it to soy sauce in its saltiness, but if you read about this sauce, it sounds a lot more pungent than what we're used to. The prehistoric fish that I used for this piece, is an actual fossilized fish, and I thought it was rather fitting with the Mediterranean kitchen vibe I was going for. A fossilized fish like this one is normally used as home decor, but I like to push the envelope of what falls under 'jewelry-able' and this fish could not be more perfect with these amphorae/vessels.


If you are interested in this piece, I highly recommend that you arrange an online appointment with me, Caitlin. I can talk with you about size, weight, and any other questions that may come up for you. You can book your online appointment by clicking here.


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