Materials: sterling silver, agate



I held on to this stone for a while. I found it in an arts & crafts market and it was cut by a couple from Northern New Mexico. I was really in love with how they used lapidary as a form of self expression and I took it home and had it sitting on my work table for a few years. Finally, it hit me that it looked like waves crashing on the sea shore. If you've been following me on social media, then you know that I've had long love affair with anything from Antiquity and after my realization, I had to make something inspired by the Mediterranean and the Ancient Greek stories. The faces were done with a technique called tufa casting and are modeled after the prehistoric Greek art carved from stone. I used the little bits of silver that I collect after sawing and filing, melted them down, and poured the molten silver into a form that was carved out of the tufa stone. I found out that tufa, a volcanic ash, was used to build Ancient Greek and Roman buildings such as temples, and the connection between this imagery and the process felt even more special. 


I highly recommend arranging an online appointment to chat with me about this piece. I can give you a good idea of size, weight, and adjustments on the chain, and talk with you about any questions you may have about this piece. You can book an online appointment by clicking here.


If you're interested in the tufa casting technique, watch this video.


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Matriarchs' Cove Necklace

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