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Greek Revival Earrings

Materials: Sterling silver, fine silver, recycled diamonds, 18k gold


Weight: 36grams


The Ancient Greeks used to make large earrings that could not be worn as posts or hook earrings. Their solution was to make earrings with a chain that sat over the entire ear to dangle. These are a recreation of that design and although the motif is original to AyC, the motif elements are similar to what you'd find on much of the Ancient Greek jewelry.  


The chain around the disc was woven by hand using a series of fine silver rings that were stretched and shaped to weave into one another.  It's a technique that was used often by Ancient Greek, Etruscan, and Roman jewelers.


The diamonds are recycled. They come from other pieces of jewelry that have either been repaired, replaced, renewed, or melted down/taken apart for their diamond and metal value. This is the most ethical way of sourcing diamonds as it doesn't hurt the environment.  The sterling silver in this piece is also 100% recycled.