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Empress Collar with Pendant

The Empress Collar is a classic Aguja y Clavo.  The bead weaving is done by hand using gemstones and high-quality seed beads. They are woven around a metal thread that keeps the collar from losing its strength over time.  The silver chain, clasp, and caps are also handmade to fit the ends of the collar just perfectly.  The necklace can be adjusted from 16" to 20" and is heavier than my other necklaces but not enough to hurt the wearer.  


I imagine this collar to be something that can be worn daily or for a special occasion but to be considered a 'classic', it adds to every woman's jewelry collection as an essential. 


The gemstones in this piece are Botswana Agate and the pendant is made with sterling silver, moonstone, and Enhydro Agate.



I've designed these pieces after extensively studying the artwork from the early Middle Ages.  I studied everything from Byzantium, to Coptic Ethiopian and Egyptian, to Late Roman and each piece is created with these cultural influences in mind.  These jewelry treasures are made of sterling silver and most of them have intricate saw work combined with macroscopic granulation and the softness of Freshwater Pearls.  This trio of silver, granules, and pearls work amazingly together to capture this murky, mysterious, ancient feel.  The pieces are based off of architecture, scientific inventions, and artistic revelations from that time period.