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Black Tourmaline and Gold Ring

Materials: black tourmaline, sterling silver, fine silver, 18k gold


Adjustable between sizes 6 and 8.5 (US ring sizes)


  • Return Policy

    Please note that all sales are final. Thank you for understanding! If you have any questions regarding size and fit, please contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

  • Made-to-Order

    If any item is labeled 'made-to-order' that means that the item in the photo has been sold but can be made again. Please note that every piece is made by hand and therefore will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to recreate that piece depending on size and fabrication techniques. Also note that no 2 pieces are alike due to the nature of it being handmade. There might be slight variations from piece to piece, but the likeness will be as close to what you see photographed. The size will not change so please make sure you read the dimensions. The colors of the gemstones may vary as well, but again they will be chosen for their likeness to what's shown in these photos. 

  • Adjustment Policy

    No adjustments can be made to any of the items listed. Once a stone is set in the silver, it is not possible to make changes. This is because heat cannot be applied to the metal with a stone in it; the stone will crack, break, and discolor. Many of the stones are unique and cannot be replaced easily. When a stone is removed, it weakens the silver and the removal process can damage the stone. 

  • Maintenance

    Each piece is made by hand and must handled with care. Do not shower, workout, or bang heavily against your jewelry as it will get damaged. All silver will tarnish as that is the nature of the metal. Gold will not tarnish. Copper, brass, and any other base metal will tarnish. You can clean your piece using a toothbrush designated for cleaning and gentle dish soap. Polishing cloths work well on jewelry, but many cloths are impregnated with a compound that will eventually wear away at your metal. Metal is very soft and can, over time, lose its shape or wear away. This is normal but the best way to maintain its shape and form is by removing it when you shower, go to bed, workout, or do any strenuous activity.