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Beaded Shoulder-Sweeper Earrings

I love designing for hair.  Hair has always and still now plays an important role in how women express themselves.  Where the ear and hair meet on the face, is one of the most focused on spots which is why earrings are so crucial to a woman's sense of style.  The face is the first area where people study a person. I wanted to make a series of 'shoulder-sweepers' that varied in length, color, and brilliance.  They mimic the way long hair moves on the body.  They're lightweight enough to not intrude and bother the wearer but since they dangle they bump and tap the sides of your face.  I love that feeling because it always reminds me that I'm wearing a fancy pairs of earrings and without even thinking twice about it, I feel confident because my earrings are making a statement.

    $50.00 Regular Price
    $35.00Sale Price