You don't have to cough up blood to do good work

Did you ever have to run The Mile for P.E.? Wasn't it the worst? I was terrible at it. If there were 20 people in my gym class, I would've place fifteenth and be coughing up blood by the end of it.

I thought about it this morning on my jog (the irony, I know) and I got to wondering what was the point of The Mile. I remember thinking about all the comparison that went on and how actually running that Mile was probably a remnant of some factory industrial system. The Mile made its way into our education system to get us to work harder, faster, better than the others in our 'circle.'

It got me thinking about how that simple gym exercise can become a parody for how we work as makers. Timing ourselves, comparing our speed to other makers, wanting to produce as much as possible to bring down our labor costs.

Now that I've implementing jogging into my morning routine, I'm noticing that my favorite part about it is that I refuse to look at a watch. I refuse to know my timing and instead I just go at my own pace. Some days the pace is fast (I can feel it), other days I'm going slower because I'm tired or sore.

And isn't that the perfect analogy for making? Doing it at your own pace and enjoying it? I think so. Then the phrase came to me: You don't have to cough up blood to do good work.

Have a wonderful evening.

Be well,