The Future of Custom Orders for AyC

As we step into 2022, I thought it would be appropriate to address the one thing that most people request from a jeweler and that is custom orders.

I have had some very fulfilling and wonderful requests from customers over the years, lots of heartfelt ideas that have been a joy to make and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has reached out. But I'm pregnant and I'm about to embark on not just a new path with my work, but a completely new lifestyle. I work from home as a jeweler, which also means I'll be with my baby all day long. My priority will be my health and my baby's health so I cannot guarantee when anything will get finished.

Instead of stressing myself by trying to meet a deadline, I will be closing custom orders until I find my footing as a parent. This could take a year, it could take a decade. Since my time will be limited, I am only going to put forth items that are ready-to-ship.

What does ready-to-ship mean? This means that anything you see on my website can be packaged and sent your way within a few business days. I am sticking to earrings and pendants/necklaces as these are items that don't require changes or customization.

I am eager for this new chapter with my work. I aim to bring you pieces that come from the heart and are filled with meaning and love. I know that if I allow myself this freedom to create while also being a parent, I'll be able to deliver a more quality product as I often have visions of designs that get me really excited to make.

Thank you for understanding, and I'm wishing you a happy new year!

Much love,