Taking a Break From IG Stories

I’ve been talking a lot about social media lately. It’s a totally weird place to run a business because of all the changes. Imagine having a physical shop, setting up your advertising, and the local magazine that you’ve sent your ad to is constantly going under new management and they’re changing the rules every month and first they decide that they’re a magazine and then decide that they only do TV ads.

I’ve long had issues with IG stories. I don’t like what they represent, this section of social media where you’re constantly ‘on.’ A post or a video, you can always come back to, but stories are something that only last 24 hours and if you miss it, you are out of the loop. I don’t like when something forces you to be on all the time.

Admittedly, it was working brilliantly as a tool to show you my process. I wasn’t trying to get you super invested but I always felt that showing process was super important to what I make. I tried to keep things casual and easy to understand. In the past, it would connect people to a piece because they loved the process of watching it come to life and I’d have a ton of engagement and people would be really excited.

It’s gone from lots of interaction to zero interaction and this hasn’t been for just a few days, this has been for months. And because social media is designed the way it is, if you don’t engage constantly with it, then you’re work doesn’t get shown. It’s very discouraging but it’s also what they’re trying to get you to do. The people who run social media want you to be on there for hours, it’s all about the attention economy and I have strong feelings against this mentality.

I will be making some adjustments as to how I communicate but I want it mostly to be on my website. My goal is to have the website run congruent to social media and to become where everyone gets their info about me and my work as opposed to how I’ve been doing it for the last years. I think I assumed that social media was the way to go, but now I’m seeing that I need to build this website and make this as the new ‘go-to’ place for all things AyC.

Thank you for your patience as I try to figure this out. It has been one of those situations where I’m feeling a sense of urgency but not really knowing how to deal with it and actively looking for answers. The hard part is that no one has the answers and the internet is too new and social media is even newer and the changes are happening too rapidly for a slow maker like myself. I need consistency because my business is all about consistency and building trust and trying to connect with people online in a healthy and stable matter. I feel like with so much turmoil in the news, in politics, online, in society, worldwide, with our climate, with the pandemic, we just need something to be consistent and that is what I have tried for years to provide for you.

This will be a new chapter in a way, but it’s still the same AyC. Thanks for reading and I hope that this remains a positive experience of learning and enjoying jewelry.