Rushing to Get into the Studio

Today, I am really looking forward to working in the studio.

I prepped some pieces for enamel and then just let them sit on my desk/jeweler's bench for some weeks. Last night, I found an image of an Ancient Roman pair of earrings that have inspired my to recreate my own version.

The Roman pair have details on both the front and the reverse and I've always believed that both sides of a jewelry piece should be addressed. I don't always do this mostly because I haven't seen enough examples that have helped me to understand how it can be done.

It's also not typical to address both sides when working with silver. When it comes to gold or platinum on the other hand, the design tends to carry out completely and the designer will make the reverse as intricate as the front.

Today I will be painting enamel for the reverse of an earring, and then make the front with silver and gemstones. I also want to figure out a way so that this design can be worn both ways so that it feels like you're getting two earrings for the price of one.

Anyway, I can't wait. I could barely sleep last night thinking about how many pairs like this I want to make haha.

Yesterday, I went in with the ambition of making simple gemstone studs earrings and my hands just weren't having it. They made something completely different from what I had envisioned and they even threw a little 18k gold on there too. What the heck, man?! I was trying to do something low-key and simple, but no. They weren't into that idea at all.

That's all for today. Thanks so much for reading and take care.