Online Presence

As I continue to refine a new collection, I'm also looking at how I want to continue my online presence.

Social media is and always has been one of those things that really confuses me. I decided long ago that I'd never have a personal profile online, but then when I began using it for AyC, the lines of personal and business started to blur.

Many of the online marketers encourage you to put as much of yourself out there so that your audience connects with you. That always has made me feel very uncomfortable and I've had to seriously evaluate what my boundaries were with social media. What was I willing to say online about myself that also informed my jewelry?

As I enter a new collection, I am going to be more open about certain aspects of my personal life but ultimately everything will inform the jewelry design. There are stories that I hold close that influence my work but I never share them because they are just a part of who I am. I'm not trying to hold back, but sometimes I'll be sit back and realize, " oh right, that's a huge part of the design that I'm not talking about because it just sits in my subconscious and I expect you (the audience) to already know that." And how could you know that about me?