Earring Weights

It's the weekend, and I normally don't work on jewelry on weekends so for this post I will briefly talk about earring weights.

On every earring listing, you will see that I have written out the earring weight in grams.

What does that mean? Grams don't mean much to us Americans so I know it's hard to truly get a sense of what an earring weighs.

Stud earrings for the most part should be very lightweight, in the 1 to 2.5 gram range. Medium-sized earrings should be in the 3.5 to 6 gram range. Statement earrings are where I think many jewelers get a little crazy. I have seen earrings listed for as much as 35 grams per earring. That's really heavy for your ear and would either stretch the piercing or be too heavy to wear as an everyday piece.

My limit is 10 grams. I have small earlobes and one of my piercings is stretched. I have to be extra careful, but I also really love statement earrings. I have tested and worn many of my own statement earrings and I found that anything heavier than 10 grams (I usually try to make the work no heavier than 9.5 grams), is too much. I use a kitchen scale and before I assemble any earring, I weigh each piece together.

I also make sure that the swing and weight distribution is even. There are so many parts to a statement earring and you really don't want all these pieces swinging about and catching in your hair or getting stuck on something. I like to solder pieces together to make sure that there aren't too many parts dancing about, but you still will have that desired movement.

Recently, I have been working on medium-sized earrings and the weight of them has been in the 2.5 to 3.5 gram range. It's perfect for sensitive ears, but can still be considered a statement piece. I'm so excited to finally explore this size and weight and to be able to offer a wider selection for my sensitive-earred customers.

Have a wonderful evening, and thanks so much for reading.

Stay well,


P.S. The earrings in today's image are only 3.3 grams per earring, can be altered to use an omega clip or a surgical steel hook, and will become available for my May 28 Earring Drop. Yay!