Day One

It's only the first day and I was already being confronted with the thoughts that I wish could just go away already.

Pricing. Productivity. Timing every single thing I make so that I finish by the end of the day and to keep the price of the work as low as I can. It's a nightmare.

Many times, I eliminate a design element to get something finished by the end of the day. Other times, I've decided to not sacrifice the design and to finish the piece how it was intended but then I feel incredibly guilty for making the piece because I know it drives up costs.

Pricing is a killer.

I'm writing this just because I think a challenge like this (A Year of Earrings) will reveal all sorts of little issues that need to talked about for both the makers who read this and for the buyers as well.

Selling your art, selling your creativity is one of the most challenging balancing acts. The questions about ethics, about how to make a living from this, about what to no longer do because it's not selling, what to continue because it was successful a few times, it's a lot.

Today was a good day because instead of trying to rush to finish, I decided to let it wait for tomorrow. These are little lessons and also new ways to regain control with how I work. I will ultimately have to find a new method of pricing, and I think this will bring opportunities.

I want to channel the artist who practices and practices their craft everyday and does it for the sheer joy. Right now, I'm listening to cellist Steven Isserlis (click here to watch him play) and I love when someone is so deep into their craft, that they just want us to be gifted with their art, even momentarily.

That is all for tonight, thanks so much for joining me on this journey.

Be well,