Caught up in some Christmas Spirit

I have been unexpectedly swept up in some Christmas spirit and I got the urge to make ornaments. I didn't want to plan them or really make them perfect (this time around), but to just get in the studio and be silly. Sometimes, I get so damn serious about my collections that at the end of them, I have a desire to make the goofy, kooky, 'off brand' work. This time it's showing up in the form of Christmas ornaments and it's been totally fun.

I created these using the enamel technique. The images below are showing process. I'm making both copper-covered-in-enamel ornaments and a plain bronze star ornament. The star bronze one will eventually be polished and I love the idea of creating a new star every year until my baby girl is 18 years old. I get really into the idea of setting out to do something annually with the potential of them becoming traditions. I do love coming up with my own traditions, especially when it comes to anything handmade.

First I drew a loose shape with sharpie directly on the copper sheet. I'm not going for concise, I'm going for handmade with a touch of sloppy. Then I sawed them out with my jeweler's saw and filed the edges with German steel files. Next I coated them with enamel powder and applied heat to them with the torch. The heat melts the glass enamel granules and fuses the glass to the copper. I keep adding layers of enamel colors until I get what I want.

As I was making these, I had visions of doing this with Matilda (my little cherub) and it brought a smile on my face. My heart felt warm knowing that we'll have all these fun activities to do together when she grows up. Will her teachers and best friends get a handmade enamel ornament? You bet. We're going to have some fun together and this was just the beginning.

I'll show you how the tree turns out. Who am I getting all Christmasy?? What's next Valentine's Day???

Thanks for reading.

Many hugs,