Being vs Doing

There's a guided meditation that I use regularly these days and it opens with a line that (in essence) says that, "we will switch off our mode of constant doing, to a mode of not doing, of simply being."

That line has stuck in my head since I started this meditation.

Even when we're scrolling through social media, we're still absorbing media, visuals, commentary.

Even when we're reading, we're absorbing other people's thoughts.

Even when we go for a walk, we're still looking around us and exercising.

Today though, as I was reading an interview from The NY Times with Andrew Garfield, he was asked what his next dream role would be to star in. He had a brilliant reply that struck me as a creative who is always doing. He said:

"Because we don't often give ourselves the opportunity to just look at the horizon and be a human being rather than a human doing. And I definitely feel like I'm in a season of being and just kind of contemplating and supporting the loved ones around me and having a life and being a bit of a private Andrew for a while. That's the next project maybe is just to kind of do some personal healing and personal kind of work with just myself."

Looking up at the sky, and watching the Spring weather change throughout the day. Healing, healing from the stress of being totally engaged and alert for an idea. Loving the ones around me, going to get groceries for them, cooking for them, sitting down and having a meal with them. Calming myself down enough so that I collect energy and inspiration to make and put out more jewelry.

Being is a practice, while doing feels so engrained.

To being more present,