A Collection Inspired by Travel

I've got a really fun idea for my next Collection, but then I realized that I needed to take a break entirely from working in my usual manner. I know, it's ironic that I'm still blogging (or have decided to pick it up) but this is relaxing me in a different way.

I'm always apprehensive to talk about my next idea because my ideas are always changing and morphing into something else. It's not that I'm afraid to commit, but I find that if I stick to a rigid concept then I normally feel stifled and end up having a lack of design ideas. I work much better when an idea unfolds, but maybe writing about it will help.

For a few years, I've wanted to do a collection centered around travel. Travel has always been a part of my life and I think that there is a lot that I could talk about when it comes to that topic. But I've struggled to pursue any idea or develop a concept in its entirety. Nothing has felt compelling enough to make work inspired specifically by travel.

I definitely want to continue working with miniature oil paintings as that has opened doors in ways I didn't see possible until this last Vanitas Collection. Towards the end of working on the Vanitas Collection, I started to get more and more into Pompeii. Luckily, there are a ton of resources on Pompeii from scholarly articles on JSTOR to BBC documentaries on YouTube.

One line that I saw said that Pompeii, which originally was a Greek colony, was eventually conquered by the Eternal City. I didn't know that Rome was also called the Eternal City and that spurred an idea for this future collection. If Rome is the Eternal City, what attributes do other ancient cities have that make them 'eternal?'

I went on to Google Maps and started looking for names of cities and writing out a list, cities with names that maybe you've heard of but don't know much about, or maybe you've visited them yourself. I wrote out a pretty long list and thought it'd be cool to do a few pieces (mostly earrings) inspired by each city on my list.

What makes Venice, Venice? What makes Jakarta, Jakarta? What makes Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires?

My thought was to explore what makes these cities unique. I'd like to read their history, learn more about their culture, if I haven't been there, then do 'walking tours' through the city via Google just to get a sense of the place, and then from there, design.

I also love this idea because it's never-ending, like I can start with a few cities now and then come back to it another year and explore more cities. There are a ton of cities out there with an interesting history and it'd be a way of bringing you along on a virtual travel adventure. It could slowly develop into a strong concept while also touching on the fact that I love travel.

To ideas unfolding,