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Who designs and creates all of the jewelry?

This jewelry line is run exclusively by Caitlin, the owner/creator/designer of Aguja y Clavo Jewelry Designs. You can read more about her under the About tab.

Where do the materials come from? Are you ethical?

All materials are purchased in supply shops in Central New Mexico, where the company is based. The owner believes in supporting small businesses and developing strong relationships with her suppliers. All of the scrap sterling silver is returned to the suppliers for recycling and they claim to have 90% of their new sterling silver as recycled material. The turquoise gemstones used in these pieces are mined in the US although some pieces come from Mexico.  Other gemstones come from all over the world. The owner purchases all of the gemstones through her suppliers.

How can I pay you?

This website is designed with extra security for you to pay safely. No one (this includes the owner) can view your banking or payment methods.  Some customers have stated that the Cart and Payment pages are slow, so please be patient. The payment will go through and if there are any questions or concerns, please contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com.

I received a promotion discount code, where do I use that?

There will be a button that says APPLY CODE on the Cart Page of this website. Click where it says APPLY CODE and type the discount code in the box. It should automatically show you a discount, although your final price will appear on the page with payment methods.  Discounts and promotions are scheduled so many times the discount may not be applicable if you have missed the given time frame. All discount codes can only be used once by each customer. Please note that some discount codes and promotions are tailored to specific Collections and will not apply to some items if they are from other Collections.

I’ve changed my mind on some items, can I exchange them?

From the moment of your purchase, you will be allowed 24 hours to make a final decision. You MUST contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com to arrange any changes with her. Reimbursements cannot be made, unless something has been agreed upon with owner. Otherwise, all sales are final.  

Something on my item broke, what can I do?

Please contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com. Note that there will be a shipping fee and possible repair charges if the item needs repair.  You will receive an invoice via email after an agreement has been made. All work is guaranteed by the owner for highest quality and best customer service, so rest assured that these fees will be reasonable and fair.

I want a custom-made item, how does it work?

Aguja y Clavo has done various commissions over the years. First you must contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com.  Typical questions include: What price do you want to pay? What materials do you want to use? Tell me more about the person receiving this piece. Keep in mind that the final price includes $30/hour for labor and cost of materials. The silver market varies from day-to-day, therefore the prices may be more or less depending on the market. The owner does not work in gold, unless the customer pays for the material. Again the market for metals such as silver and gold vary on a daily basis, the owner cannot factor in a price until having researched the market price of metal. Gemstones also vary in price according to quality and type. This will be explained in detail when you work with the owner. The owner will come up with a design and will start the process as soon as you give permission. You will receive photos of the process and final result. You will receive a down payment invoice at the beginning of the process and another at the end for any remaining dues. YOUR ITEM WILL NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL ALL PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. Again, all sales are final and commissions cannot be exchanged or returned. 

Do you accept being paid in installments?

This depends on the item. Please contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com to reach a final agreement. You will be receive a Contract of Payments that you must sign once you and the owner have come to a decision.

Where can I find you?

Aguja y Clavo is found online and at Silk Road Connection in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can find Aguja y Clavo on Facebook and Instagram and also subscribe to the emailing list to get any notifications on sales and upcoming collection launches.  

I saw an item I wanted on your Instagram but I can’t find it on your website.

This is true, many of the newest items are being shown on social media.  These new items will be released on the date stated on the post. If you are interested in an item and wish to know the price, please contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com. If you need an item sooner than the aforementioned date, contact the owner and she will try to accommodate.

What is an item that says ‘Made to Order’?

A ‘Made to Order’ item is an item that has been sold but can be made again. It will take roughly 1-4 weeks to recreate that item depending on the size and complexity of the piece. The owner will notify you of the time frame via email. The price will remain as stated.

What if I want more of any item?

This depends on the item. Most of the neck pieces are one-of-a-kind but some of the earrings can be recreated, please contact Caitlin at agujayclavo@gmail.com to see if certain items can done in multiples. Prices will NOT change if you order multiples.

I've subscribed to your emailing list but I never see any emails from you.

Check your spam or junk mailboxes, Aguja y Clavo sends emails to its subscribers bimonthly.


Prices are subject to change according to the market prices of silver. The market prices change on a daily basis and if this is drastic, this will affect the cost of an item.