Alterations and Fees


Ring band enlargement.

Ring bands can be enlarged up to one full size (from a size 6 to a size 7, for example). This alteration is free of charge.


Ring band shortening.

The shortening of a ring band means that I will saw the ring band to make an opening and the band will then remain open. I hammer the legs of the band closer together to make this adjustment and file and sand the ends of the opening to keep from snagging your skin. This alteration will cost $10.



Switching an earring from post to hook.

In some cases I can exchange the earring from a post to a hook. This can be easily done and this alteration is free of charge.


Switching an earring from a hook to a post.

This tends to be more complicated and involves more materials. In the event of this alteration, the cost will vary depending on the metal type and desired stone. For a bronze studs, the starting price is $20 (price includes garnet, lapis, turquoise, amethyst, citrine, onyx, or malachite gemstones). For silver studs, the starting price is $30 (price includes garnet, lapis, turquoise, amethyst, citrine, onyx, or malachite gemstones). Any other stone such as opal, tourmaline, and peridot will increase in price. Each stud, whether it’s bronze or silver, comes with a sterling silver post and large sterling silver earring backing.



Cuff shortening.

A cuff can be made smaller (if it doesn't compromise the design) by my sawing away the small part of the ends to fit comfortably. I will need the exact circumference of your wrist before making any adjustments. Photos and descriptions are helpful, but the measurement is best. This alteration is free of charge.


Cuff enlargement.

This means that the stone has to be removed and a brand new band will be replaced. The starting price for this will be $50 and will go up depending on how much material is being used to replace the cuff band. 


Things to keep in mind:

Please note that I may not be able to alter your piece according to your needs. This is for the integrity of the design and to ensure that the stone does not get ruined in the process of altering. Why can some stones be removed and others not? Due to their hardness and size, the stone can either be carefully removed or it can get cracked/chipped in the removal process.  Some stones are unique, one-of-a-kind cuts and are impossible to replace; others might come in a pre-fabricated shape but their value per carat is higher than most. I have to weigh all of these options before making a final decision on the alteration. 


Alterations can take anywhere from 1 day to several weeks to complete. I will communicate with you accordingly so that you are aware of scheduling. Once your piece has finished, it will be shipped to your house. This includes local purchases (within the state of New Mexico). I will ship your piece(s) to you safely, insured, and email/text/message you a tracking number. I have had very successful shipping with USPS and I send your packages to you free of cost. If you prefer a different shipping method or carrier, fees will apply.


Thank you so much for understanding!